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Confidence to start a new job - with CEO Valerie Mocker

This episode of The Wingwomen Show is a must-watch for you if you want to learn:

  • How do I start a new job or position like a pro?

  • Which 3 things must I do first?

  • What is a 90 Day Plan and why must I have one?

  • What can I do if I worry whether I'll be good enough?

  • How do I impress my boss, teams and the people around me?

  • What does it take to make an impact fast?

Find out in this episode!

Do you also want to make yourself unstoppable?

Are you ready to build yourself a life & career that you love? And remove anything that currently stands in your way?

We are here to help you get to the next level! In this episode we give you a sneak peak into the live coaching sessions that you get as part of the Rise Academy! This 6-week programme teaches you everything you need to learn to rise up. Because working hard won't be enough!

After going through the Rise Academy, our alumni finally got the confidence, payrises, promotions, new jobs, opportunities and the impact they wanted for years. Find out more about the Rise Academy here and join the waitlist to get into the next round.

Why did I create the Rise Academy? To pass on all the strategies, secret knowledge and tools that allowed me to rise to the top in my 20s. My team and I get up every day to fill the world with more unstoppable women and men. Who rise up. Who get to where they want to be. Who get to make the rules. Who become the leaders we wish we'd had.

I'd love for you to become one of them!

Sending you loads of courage and Wingwomen energy, Valerie

CEO, Wingwomen


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