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How do I make a difference? The 3 tips that helped CEO Verena Pausder change the law for women in Germany.

This episode of The Wingwomen Show is a must-watch for you if want to learn:

  • How do I need to work so my actions make a difference?

  • Can I make a difference if I experience self-doubt?

  • How do I deal with critics and people who don't like my idea?

  • Where do I start when I see a problem and want to change it?

And - though the lessons we draw from Verena's impressive story are applicable to all sectors! - you also get

  • a unique step-by-step guide to how you change the law and influence policy and politics.

What you, Verena Pausder and I will speak about today #HowSheDoesIt #Realtalk

"CEOs should also be able to have babies!".

Before Verena came, that wasn't possible in Germany. The law forced CEOs and board members to leave their position to go on parental leave. The same applied to sick leave or caring for a family member. Not fit for the 21st century, right?

Verena set out to change that - and succeeded! In this Realtalk she shares step-by-step how she did it. You'll learn loads of key secrets to how you make a difference. Plus we also share important tips for public speaking, finding the courage to be yourself, dealing with critics, finding the people with the power to help you, dealing with self-doubt, the ups & downs of success, the importance of saying no and getting across the finish line.

To all the Risers who've been through our Rise Academy: this is a great real-life case of how powerful the Rise Formula is. Pay attention to how so many of the key principles we worked on helped Verena succeed: becoming a confident public speaker, being brave to use your voice, building different windows of visibility, finding Wingwo(men), analysing power structures, strategically managing your energy and priorities.

To find out more about Verena, go to She's one of the superstars of the European tech world, a great hugger, a champion for digital education, investor, board member - and mum of 4 kids and a puppy. And a great Wingwoman. Now - over to you!

Join our #RiseAcademy to make a difference!

What do you want to change? In your life? Your organisation? The world?

You don't have to do it alone! We'd love to lift you up in our Rise Academy, where I teach what it takes to rise up and make a difference. After going through this 5-week programme, our alumni get their payrises, promotions, jobs, opportunities and the impact they dream of. They say they now walk through life with the clarity and confidence you need to make a difference. I want all of you to have that! You find out more about the Rise Academy here and I cannot wait to join forces with you to change this world for the better!

Sending you loads of courage and Wingwomen energy, Valerie


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