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What exactly will you learn in our Academy?

Week 1: VOICE. Find your voice, be heard, get confident.

Learn how to unlock the power of your voice and be heard. We show you a powerful 3-step method that'll make sure that when you speak, everyone listens. Public speaking is a key skill - no matter whether you want to run a meeting, get colleagues and clients on board, lead other people or present on a stage. So Valerie takes you inside her meetings, keynotes, media interviews and top-level pitches to teach you how to become a good and confident public speaker that inspires action. Valerie also takes you into a room of power she's working in - boards, the group that supervises the CEO and leadership of an organisation - so you get comfortable working with and talking to top decision-makers. Together we apply these lessons to your work situations, so you can use your voice on a daily basis to get ahead.

The Masterclasses, Tools & Coaching this week will empower you to: 


  • communicate clearly and effectively

  • get your point across

  • find your voice that feels authentic to you

  • confidently speak up

  • learn great structures for your talks & presentations

  • become a confident public speaker

  • tackle perfectionism

  • lose your discomfort of speaking in front of others

  • protect yourself from being interrupted and silenced

Week 2: VISIBILITY. Become visible and ready for your next promotion - without feeling weird about it.

Learn to make yourself, your hard work and your team visible. This is essential for you to get ahead. Valerie works with you through the 11 smart Visibility Tools you can use to become visible without seeming weird or looking like you just want to show off. We teach you the working-out-loud method and how you apply it to your daily work inside and outside your organisation,

in-person and when you work online. We help you to turn beating-your-own-drum from something many feel uncomfortable with into a natural work habit. Valerie takes you into a room of power - this time, the boss perspective - to show you what it takes to get promoted, lifted up and given opportunities. And how you create windows of visibility on a daily basis so you can be seen. By your bosses, colleagues, clients and important decision-makers. 


The Masterclasses, Tools & Coaching this week will empower you to: 


  • learn how promotions really work 

  • gain the confidence to go for a role with more responsibility

  • make time for tasks that matter most 

  • prioritise what’ll get you ahead

  • say “no” more easily

  • make your hard work visible 

  • show your talent without uncomfortable bragging

  • create visibility immediately with 11 smart tools

  • use social media for your career

  • lose the fear of being disliked by others

  • protect yourself from others taking credit for your work

Week 3: WINGWO(MEN). Build a kick-ass support network, get comfortable with tricky work situations and confident with power.

Learn how to handle power and build yourself a powerful network. Deciphering how the people and institutions you work with tick is another key skill for any Riser. This week Valerie introduces you to three crucial tools: the Power Compass helps you understand different forms of power and uncover the power structures you work within. So you can think, strategise and act accordingly. The People Compass shows you how to analyse, understand and influence your boss, your colleagues, team members and key stakeholders and gives you the tool to do so. The Wingwomen Compass introduces you to the 5 types of Wingwo(men) you need to rise up and shows you how to find them. All this will prepare you to be a kick-ass and kind leader.   


The Masterclasses, Tools & Coaching this week will empower you to: 


  • navigate tricky work situations and conflict

  • strategically build yourself a powerful network

  • surround yourself with the 5 types of Wingwo(men)

  • turn others into your champions

  • see how power works in your organisation

  • become comfortable with using power

  • understand crystal clearly how other people tick 

  • analyse and influence your team, colleagues, bosses

  • lose the fear of asking for help

  • be a kick-ass & kind leader

  • protect yourself from toxic people and toxic behaviour 

Week 4: VALUE. Negotiate like a pro and lead with confidence. 

Learn how to negotiate like a pro. No matter what you want to get - an opportunity, a new job, a promotion, a pay rise, funding for a project, a team or leadership position - after this week you'll know exactly how to get what you want. Successful negotiators focus on the things the other side values and the value you can generate for them. This week Valerie and you will also deep-dive into important real-life situations: how you prepare, carry out and follow up on salary negotiations and how you become good at pitching. Whether that's pitching an idea internally to get resources and support or externally to get partners and funders. Pitching, in one form or another, is another key skill you need to rise up.


The Masterclasses, Tools & Coaching this week will empower you to: 


  • negotiate all your future pay rises & promotion with a step-by-step guide

  • successfully pitch your ideas with a step-by-step guide 

  • understand how you best influence the people you negotiate with

  • influence other people so they support your goals

  • get comfortable talking about money & your ambitions

  • boost your self-esteem and sense of self-worth

  • successfully pitch your ideas 

  • secure the resources, staff and money for your projects

  • lose the fear of making mistakes

Week 5: RISE UP. Find your path, learn where to focus, rise in a sane and smart way. 

Learn to adapt the Rise formula - Voice, Visibility, Value, Wingwomen - to your personal values, your strengths and your purpose. Together they become the power engine and compass for your career. We'll give you tools to find your next step and get clarity on what's most important to you. You will learn how value-based leadership works and why it helps you achieve more. Importantly, we will also train you in valuing yourself. So many of us hold back because we worry about not being enough or doing something wrong. Those limiting beliefs and fears are like handbrakes that constantly slow us down as we drive through life. We introduce you to tools that help you identify your personal limiting beliefs and fears and start to let them go.  


The Masterclasses, Tools & Coaching this week will empower you to: 


  • confidently take your next career step

  • build a career path that’s right for you

  • reorganise your work week so you experience less stress

  • bring more energy and clarity into your work

  • be a great Wingwo(man) leader for others

  • deal with setbacks & overcome failure

  • leave the Academy with a concrete Riser Plan and next steps that’ll allow you to solve (all) your next career challenge(s)

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