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The power of authenticity: our secret to success at work

Have you ever felt the pressure to change the way you talk, walk or behave in a meeting? To hide part of your "true self" at work? Or wondered "do I have to be harder, tougher and more aggressive to be taken seriously and advance?"

If so, you're not alone. In this episode of the Wingwomen Show, your Chief Wingwoman Valerie Mocker and Elina Gaillard (one of the unstoppable alumna who went through our Rise Academy)

  • discuss the transformative power authenticity had on their careers

  • share some of their strategies and personal experiences for being authentic and respected, kick-ass and kind in their workplaces

  • explore how Elina's courage to be more authentic at work - and apply what she learnt in the Rise Academy - to get her next promotion

The Power of Authenticity

Authenticity isn't just about personal fulfillment. It can also be the key to unlocking your professional success, promotions, and impact. We discuss Elina's recent experience of getting promoted after she ared to embrace authenticity at work. This brave decision to be true to herself has yielded remarkable benefits in her career, proving that being genuine at work is not just nice-to have but a real advantage.

Authenticity will make you afraid, and that's ok!

Authenticity and revealing more of ourselve true selves in professional settings comes with a lot of fears and doubts. Can I be authentic and still be successful? Will my colleagues still accept and respect the me? Will I be enough? As you'll see, our answer is: yes!

Authenticity still needs strategy.

Being more strategic instead of just working hard is crucial. In our discussion, we talk to you about a few important "Riser principles" we teach in our Rise Academy and use on a daily basis. Including the power of proactively using your voice, aligning with the right people (like your "Power Wingwomen), leading with clarity and energy and having a "soft front, strong back" policy. Aka: be kind but also kick-ass when others overstep boundaries, take advantage of you or mistake your kindness as you being a pushover.

Authenticity is a journey.

Drawing from our personal experiences, we explored the process of discovering your authenticity. And an often forgotten truth is that you need to be in a workplace that empowers you to be authentic and show yourself. For example, we discuss the "Traffic Light Test", a tool from our Rise Academy that we all use to stay true to your values and ensure you are on the right career path. It encourages authenticity and serves as a reminder to be open to change and fearless in making career adjustments. And change organisations and jobs if you're in the wrong place.

Authenticity creates powerful organisations.

Aauthenticity isn't just important for our personal happiness or professional success. It builds a positive, productive and empowering work environment. When our team members and employees feel safe and trust that they can be themselves, they contribute more effectively to their teams and tasks. This creates a ripple effect, fostering a culture of acceptance and authenticity throughout the organization. In conclusion, authenticity in the workplace is not just about being true to oneself. It's about creating an environment where everyone feels safe to be themselves. Not more tough, cold, or aggressive. It's about fostering a culture of acceptance and understanding that we all work differently and need different things. But can achieve so much more if we use our skills together. It's about unlocking the potential inside anyone for the success for everyone.


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