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We're here to make a difference. 

10 things you should know about Wingwomen

Wingwomen leaders

1. We pick you up where you are to show you

how much you can be.

We help you find your answers to the big questions every great leader faces: How do I make a difference? How do I rise up? How do I overcome my impostor syndrome, my self-doubt, my fear of not being enough? 

How do I become a great, brave, kick-ass & kind leader others want to follow? 


If you want answers to these questions, you've come to the right place! We imagine a world where our rooms of power are filled with great leaders. Including you. Join our international community to learn the tools & strategies you need to rise up and make a difference.

2. We love Realtalk.

We say it how it is. In our Wingwomen Academy, our Wingwomen Show and everything we do, we take you behind the scenes and the closed doors. You'll learn what most take decades to figure out and many never learn. We teach you what it really takes to rise up. And openly talk about the fears, insecurities and handbreaks that hold you back. We keep it real. The German roots of our founder do help with that...

3. We make kindness cool.

Kindness has a bad reputation at work. Many see it as a weakness. Many believe you have to choose between being yourself and being successful. That's nonsense! Kindness and authenticity are your secret superweapons. We teach you how to use them. We turn you into a brave, kind, kick-ass, unstoppable leader. 

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4. We spread power positivity.

Unfortunately, just working hard is not enough. You might have experienced this already: you work very hard, but you don't get ahead. You have good ideas, but you don't see their impact. You want to make a difference, but power is an uncomfortable word. For many women, but also for men. We're changing that. Here, you can be unapologetically ambitious. This world needs your potential - unleashed and unlocked! 

5. "That's not possible" doesn't exist in our vocabulary.

Many things seemed impossible until somebody came who did not know that, and just did it. 

We're here to rewrite the rules. Many Risers in our international community hear "that's too crazy" or "that will never work". They still try and make it happen. With the tools and strategies we gave them to change the 21st century for the better.

6. Our core values:

we are brave. 

We dream big. We take the future into our own hands and build the world we want to see. We absorb new insights like a sponge. We test new ideas right away and don’t shy away from making or finding mistakes - because it’s always best to test.

7. Our core values:

we are tough.

We know that change and growth takes a lot of hard and consistent work and sometimes includes hard choices. We don't shy away from either. We always go the extra mile and look for more creative, sustainable ways of doing things. 

8. Our core values:

we are generous. 

We don't expect anybody to be perfect, we just want you to give it your best. We trust each other. We tackle issues as soon as they arise and proactively think about possible solutions. We concentrate on the positive and share inspiring stories, not petty gossip.

9. Our core values:

we are kind.

We are open to everybody’s ideas, no matter your job title or role. Because we see all this potential inside of you. We are Wingwo(men) to those around us, share our time and knowledge and lift each other up. We are a one team of uplifters. 

10. To do good, you have to be good.

We work with other organisations who commit to being kind and good towards their teams, society and the environment. For our suppliers and partners we look at their social and environmental policies, their alignment with the UN's sustainable development goals and do the same with our own organisation.

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