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Make your teams unstoppable

with our talks, trainings & group coachings.

6-week course:

turn your people into

impactful leaders

"I have such talented people in my team,

but they lacked the confidence and

tools to lead important business activities without me looking over their shoulder. We sent them through the Rise Academy and they came out totally changed. They now get us ahead every day".

"In the end, it comes down to people...Bad communication and lack of understanding - of people types, of power, We promote people to leadership positions but they did not get proper training so we needed someone to work with and build a team, inspire them, take tough decisions,..."

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1-day training:

unlock the voice of your teams

"We needed our teams to get really good at public speaking and presenting - to get confident and learn systems and tools to convery complex information in an engaging, clear and actionable way and Valerie did such a fantastic job!"

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Organisational design:

Build a workplace where women love to

work, rise & stay

We advice and consult companies & their leadership teams on how they create a fairer, uplifting workplace for women.


Get more women: 

We build a future-facing "talent pipeline" with you.

An actionable strategy & sustainable plan for how and where you find more women, attract more women and retain more women. 

Learn what works:

DEI trainings are nice - but most of them don't work. We look at the evidence and help you focus on what leads to real change for women. We're your external, safe space to test interventions with our international community of women & A/B testing. 

Fix what doesn't:

The more you can systematically "fix the system" for women in your organisation, the more impact you'll see. We help you remove bias and barriers from how you do things. E.g. talent search & hiring, performance reviews & leadership development, parental leave & return to work. 


inspire your teams

"We wanted to inspire our younger staff and Valerie's keynote was one of the most inspiring talks I've heard in a long time!"

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