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Our Money-Back Guarantee explained. 
The successes of our alumni proof how powerful our strategies and tools are if you apply them. 
Our money-back guarantee is there to put your mind at ease and help you 
that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Question 1/4: Is there a deadline? Yes. You'll need to let us know by 23.59 GMT/BST on the day of your group coaching session for Visibility Week. That's during the third week of your six-week Academy. This is a strict deadline and we'll not be able to reimburse you after that point. 

Question 2/4: What's the process of getting my money back? Email us on before the deadline and tell us that you'd like to stop participating in the Academy. This will terminate your participation and cancel your access to any material, masterclasses, tools and coachings.

Question 3/4: Do I need to meet any conditions to get my money back? Yes. You need to meet the following four conditions: 

  • You attended all your group coaching sessions up to this point and participated with your audio and video on. 

  • You send us a digital copy or photo of your printed workbooks for Voice Week and Visibility Week, to show that you have watched all masterclasses and took the time to apply the key lessons to yourself. 

  • You share with us which growth challenges you did for Voice Week and Visibility Week. 

  • You tell us why the programme wasn't for you - if there's anything we can do to improve, we want to make sure we know!

Question 4/4: Will I get all my money back? Yes. If you tell us before the deadline and meet the conditions above, we'll reimburse the amount you've paid up until the deadline. After you submitted your work and have emailed us your bank details including your BIC and IBAN number, we'll reimburse you within two weeks.

Any more questions? Email us on

Remember: you have nothing to lose.
And everything to gai
We cannot wait to make you unstoppable!

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