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Which problem did you solve in our 6-week Academy?

 "I joined because I felt overwhelmed and unsure what to do next with my career as a working mum. I was on parental leave and the Academy gave me the tools to find out what I want next and build my work life on MY terms. I got a job I’m passionate about, I work much smarter and healthier and have time for my family."

Elina from Latvia

Rise Academy Alumni.png
Rise Academy Alumni 2.png

 “I joined to become a confident leader when I was starting a new role. I needed more confidence and tools. I didn't just want to be respected. I wanted to become a "kick-ass and kind" leader. This course totally transformed the way I see the work world and I learnt how to lead in a way that feels true to myself."

Adriana from Colombia

 "Before the Rise Academy, I felt unhappy, overlooked and stuck in my job and was constantly questioning myself. All that totally changed with this course and this amazing community. I got so much confidence, energy and motivation. Oh - and a higher salary and job I wouldn’t have dared to dream of."  

Stefan from Germany

What was your favourite part?

 "I LOVED that everything you learn comes from real life and real successes and real mistakes. Valerie shares so many stories and lessons about how rising, running organisations and building your career really work. The secrets nobody ever tells you and that you don't get anywhere elsewhere. These 6 weeks honestly have empowered me for life!"

Ornella from Italy

 "The super practical tools you get are truly amazing. For all important work situations - preparing for important meetings and talks, negotiating your role, figuring out whether you're still on the right path...- Valerie gave us easy and ready-to-use tools. I come back to them all the time!"

Daniela from the US

 "The community and lifelong support you get into is amazing! During the 6-week course, I loved our weekly coaching sessions with other Risers. When I looked them up I thought "wow, they're so impressive". But then we all had the same problems and fears. That and helping each other was very empowering. Our community comes together in our regular alumni sessions, so I built a network for life."

Anita from Germany

Which hesitations did you have before joining?

 "I thought "I don't really have the time right now, should I just join sometime in the future?". When you read this, join the very next round!

I wish I had taken this course years earlier. It would have helped me to not get passed over for opportunities (pay rises, promotions) and would have saved me so much money, frustration, life time. You only need 4-6 hours per week to do the course and you can fit it around your life.

Make this investment into yourself!"

Jan from Poland

Rise Academy alumna.png

 "I wasn't sure if the course was right for my level and career stage. Now, after having gone through the Academy, I would say that everyone regardless of where you're should take this course!! Our community has people who just started their career up to CEOs and we all learn so much from each other!"

Caro from the UK

 "I didn't know Valerie at all and wondered if this course would be worth my time and money. But the whole Wingwomen approach resonated so much with me that I just joined and it was truly amazing! Join us!"

Stefan from Germany

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