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Are you the Busy Bee who works far too much? Still waiting for a pay rise or promotion? Questioning yourself too often? Feeling overwhelmed? Or really challenged by something, or someone, at work? Struggling to balance work and family? You know it's time for a change, but not sure what's next?


Please know: you're not alone! Our alumni also faced your career challenges - and solved them by taking our 6-week Academy. Where you learn the formula for building yourself a kick-ass career.


learn the Rise formula 

get pay rises, promotions & impact

supercharge your career

get into rooms of power 

conquer impostor syndrome

find your path

become a kick-ass leader

lead with courage & kindness

live a happier & impactful life

Join our international community and also: 

Learn from real-world successes & our founder Valerie Mocker

Valerie Mocker Newspaper Interview Speak

You get to work directly with our founder Valerie Mocker, who has been named one of Europe's 40 under 40 leaders. After graduating from Oxford, she started leading her first teams with 23, built her first multi-million dollar fund with 26, became the youngest director at Europe's innovation fund Nesta and got into many rooms of power and onto boards in her 20s.


She learnt first-hand that it's not enough to just be the Busy Bee. You need to learn the rules of the game. But nobody teaches you. So Valerie founded Wingwomen. To lift up a new generation of kick-ass and kind women and men. In our Academy, Valerie passes on all the secrets, strategies and key tools you'll need to get ahead and find your path. 


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