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Riser Stories: frustrated at work? Jan Domanski on fixing your life & his time in the Rise Academy

Part 1: Common frustrations nobody talks about & top tips for you to ace it at work.

Part 2: Secrets to successful salary negotiations, taking smart actions & doing the Rise Academy alongside your full-time job.

You deserve a (work)life without frustrations my friends! This episode of the Wingwomen Show will help you with that! You and I will speak to Jan Domanski today. He's an award-winning software engineer who has worked in startups and big corporates like Amazon. And he participated in our Rise Academy to go from being frustrated at work to acing it at work! Now he's sharing some of his secrets with you!

Watch this episode to learn about

  • the frustrations most of us feel, but never talk about

  • top tips to remove your frustrations

  • secrets to successful salary negotiations

  • Jan's experience in the Rise Academy and his advice to you!

Intrigued? Grab your favourite drink and let's have some quality Wingwomen - and Wingmen - time together!

More about our Wingman Jan Domanski and #HowHeDoesIt

Globetrotter: Jan Domanski shows us that your life absolutely does not have to follow a linear career for you to be successful. Jan grew up in Poland, worked in the US and currently lives in London, UK - with his wife Giulia and their cleaning robot.

Researcher-Entrepreneur-Engineer: He started out as a researcher. Then he thought "I could built a software startup!" and Forbes named Jan as one of Europe's 30 under 30 entrepreneurs. And then Jan decided to go back into the corporate world and work as a software engineer for big companies like Amazon.

Riser: But how do you navigate the complex systems and company politics of big organisations? Just working hard is not enough - what tools and strategies do you need to use to be heard and seen? How do you convince others of your ideas?

To learn all that, Jan joined our Rise Academy. And in his own words:

"F***! This course is so good! I had super high expectations but you really exceeded those. The super super high quality lectures plus the stories from real life plus workbook are a killer combo. And Valerie is the most positive person in the world. It has been phenomenal. Many years of my career could have been accelerated and so many mistakes avoided if I had taken this years ago!"