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How do I know it's time for a career change? Riser story with Elina Gaillard & Valerie Mocker

You feel “what I’m doing isn’t quite right anymore”. So, where do you start? Do you need to make a small change to your current role? Or a bigger career change?

The Busy Bees fear change and say "I’m always too busy to do something about it!”.

Risers instead have the courage to take action.

So take your first action, grab your favourite drink and join me for my Realtalk with innovation expert Elina Gaillard. Elina and I share our Wingwoman wisdom with you today to help you:

  • Stop feeling lost -> and learn which key questions you should ask yourself regularly, to check you’re still on the right path

  • Go from other people controlling your time -> to working in an organisation on your own terms, with more time for the things that matter to you

  • Let go of the fear of making a change, choosing the wrong thing or not having "a straight career path"

  • Take a look inside our Rise Academy, which Elina went through to go from “I felt overwhelmed like an octopus with rollerblades on ice” -> to “I had the courage to take my life into my own hands and find a job where I work the way I want”.

A little extra tip: I always start and finish my day with an investment in myself. By doing something that gives me energy. So why don’t you start or finish today with us and this episode? :)

I'm sending you loads of courage to take your life into your own hands, Valerie

CEO, Wingwomen

Do you also want to make yourself unstoppable?

Are you ready to build yourself a life & career that you love? And remove anything that currently stands in your way?

We are here to help you get to the next level! In this episode Elina gives you an insight into her time in the Rise Academy! This 6-week programme teaches you everything you need to learn to rise up. Because working hard won't be enough!

After going through the Rise Academy, our alumni finally got the c