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Is the Academy right for me? 
Our alumni say it changed their lives. Find answers to the 7 most frequently asked questions to decide if this training is for you.

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1. When is the right time for me to join?

By joining, you make an investment into yourself. The earlier you do this, the earlier you can build yourself a career that you love. One of our alumni from London wrote this for you: 

“Don't wait! Waiting costs you DEARLY. Like me, you probably work in a way that costs you each day. And in the long run. In terms of money. Promotions. Career progression. And frustration. The Academy gave me the tools to course correct. I wish I had taken this programme years ago!” 

If you now think "but there is so much other stuff going on in my life right now!", just check in with yourself: we never have time for things. We make time for the things that matter. 

You matter. Join now to make everything afterwards so much easier. You'll be clearer. More impactful. More powerful. 

2. What kind of results and skills do I take away?

“You learn all the things that are ESSENTIAL - for your life, career, rising and leading - that nobody ever tells you!"


That's how one of our alumni from Latvia described the Academy. Let's get more specific. Our Academy teaches you the tools, formulas and strategies you need to supercharge your career. We tend to have 4 types of people who thrive in the Rise Academy. If you struggle with one - or multiple - of the following things, you should take this training: 


The searchers: 

  • The searchers joined because they wonder “what’s next for me?”, “what’s my path?” and “what could be my next career step?”.

  • They say they left the Rise Academy with new perspectives, clarity, focus, energy, new options and an action plan.


The changers: 

  • The changers joined to solve a challenging or new situation. This can be “I want to finally see my ideas become reality and make a difference”, or “I just started a new role/new job/at a new organisation and I want to make sure I succeed”, "my organisation undergoes change I need to navigate", or “I am taking over new leadership responsibilities and want to become a better leader others want to follow”, or “I am having kids/had kids and I need to figure out a different way of working in this new phase of my life”. 

  • They say they left the Rise Academy with a much stronger ability to strategise, the tools to establish yourself, understand and influence others, lead effectively and inspire action, the clarity on what is and isn’t important to you and the energy to solve your next challenge.

The stuck Risers: 

  • The stuck Risers joined to get unstuck. You are frustrated with things - or people - at work. You realise that just working hard or having great ideas isn't enough, you don’t seem to get ahead as quickly as you want, you get pushed down and held back by difficult colleagues or bosses, you feel overlooked, you know you stay under what you could achieve.

  • They say they left the Rise Academy with clarity about what the problem is and how to fix it, the strategies to get where you want to be, promotions, payrises and funding to put your ideas into practice, the tools to show how good you are, the confidence to get into the rooms of power and deal with power and power people, and the energy to stand up for yourself.


The self critics:  

  • The self critics joined to let go of self-doubt and become more self-confident. To stop holding yourself back, to stop undermining your own successes, to stop constantly questioning yourself (or way too often) and stop worrying “what if I am not enough?” (good enough, ready enough, right enough), to no longer make yourself smaller than you are, all of which leads to you hitting the brakes.

  • They say they left the Rise Academy with your self-esteem unlocked, the confidence to make a difference, more courage + the strategies to stand up and advocate for what you believe in, higher ambitions, the tools to release the insecurities and handbreaks holding you back, a stronger sense of self-worth and the energy to be your true self at work!

3. When will I see these results?

“It’s only week 2 (into the Academy) and I already solved problems I had for years!

I love how easy it is to use all the tools and how much energy this course is already giving me!”

This alumni from Warsaw is not alone in having gotten results by week two of the training.

So far, all our alumni started to experience the tangible results described above already within the 5 weeks of being in the Rise Academy.


BUT, we want to be clear here. They got there by putting in the work, being brave and taking consistent action.

There's no magic wand we swing that will solve your problems overnight. The magic comes from you taking action. 

4. Is the Academy worth my money?

You're not alone in asking this question.


“I didn’t know Valerie at all before registering for the Academy and hesitated whether I should invest time and money. But I loved the idea of Wingwomen (and men!) so so much that I just registered. Totally worth it! I would never have expected that the Academy could have such an amazing impact on me!”


That's what one of our alumni from Berlin sent us. Look. We know that it takes a leap of faith from your side to join. We promise you that you'll make a big difference in your life by doing so. 

Our founder Valerie Mocker built the Rise Academy to have a better alternative to the mediocre coaching and executive programmes she had taken for many thousands of pounds. Those were missing so many important lessons and tools and tricks that really get you ahead!

The Rise Academy is £1499. 


So, the cost is about a summer holiday. But unlike the suntan that quickly fades, the Rise Academy is an investment into yourself that will serve you for life.

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5. Will the Academy fit into my busy schedule and/or childcare responsibilities?

If your life is busy - then you are in great company in the Academy! Our alumni have taken this course while in super demanding jobs, changing jobs, searching for new jobs, raising babies, homeschooling small kids...


One of our alumni from Paris told us:

“I did the Academy during lockdown with two little boys at home. Everything was so practical and I could apply all the learnings so easily. I had so many aha-moments! I was concerned I would not have the time. But the Academy was so energising!"

Here’s how you do it: 


  • Do you have 4-6 hours per week that you will invest in yourself? Then you can totally do this!

  • You go through each week’s material in your own time. Everything is designed for busy people. For example, the masterclasses each week are split into 5-20 minute videos. So, you can super easily stop and pick up later or the next day.

  • The only "fixed" slot is your weekly live group coaching session with Valerie on Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays. And we always do our best to take any day preferences you might have into account.

  • Don't worry if your babies or kids pop in to say hi - you can't learn the Rise Formula early enough ;). 

  • You get lifetime access, so you can go back and revisit as much as you want.

  • The most important question to ask yourself is: do I want/need to start doing things differently or better right now?


6.1. Is this course for me?

Super important question! First, let us tell you who the Academy is perfect for.


This training is perfect for you if:


  • you want to supercharge your career, rise up, become a great leader others want to follow and make a difference inside or as part of an organisation. The Rise Formula and lessons are applicable for rising up across all sectors and organisation types.

  • you want to develop the skills and results outlined under question 2.

  • you want to work on yourself and take action. Our ideal member is like a sponge. You love to absorb new things. And then you try them out! We make that super easy for you by giving you all the tools + weekly growth challenges that push you to grow and get outside your comfort zone.

  • you want a stronger network and Wingwo(men) by your side. By joining, you get into an international movement, a new generation of people who rise up by being themselves and by leading with courage and kindness. Who make a difference. Who set their own rules. Who don’t take nonsense from anyone! Who lift others up with them. Who become the leaders we all wish we had.

  • you treat others respectfully, as we have a strict No-Asshole Rule. You will join an amazing group of other Risers from other organisations, sectors and countries. Our alumni describe the live group coaching sessions as “such an intimate environment where I always had the feeling that I could share my issues openly” or “a real community where the lessons and questions from everyone else were also very inspiring and relevant to me”. To keep it that way, we need everyone to be kind to each other.

  • you give it your best. We as Team Wingwomen pour our heart and soul into the Rise Academy and we get up every day to make more of you unstoppable. We’ll help you get the best out of yourself and unlock all this power you have inside yourself. And our promise to you is that we will be your Wingwo(men) for life. In return, we expect you to give it your best when you are here. That does not mean you have to be perfect. Our mantra is #ActionoverPerfection. Just give it your best.

6.2. Who should not join?

The Academy is not for everyone. This programme 


  • is not for you if you look for theoretical textbook knowledge. Theoretical knowledge does not get you to rise up. Smart action does. We cover the things that happen behind closed doors and the key lessons many other programmes ignore. We work each week on getting you from where you are to where you want to be. That is only possible if you are willing to try out new things and take action.

  • is not for you if you want to stay inside your comfort zone. We are here to support people who want to unleash their potential, be brave, grow, dream big, dare greatly and make a difference. Rising is only possible if you get out of your comfort zone.

  • is not for you if you push down, ridicule or belittle other people. We do not hire such people into our team and the Academy is not for them. The Academy is a safe space where you can be anything, anyone, where you can be unapologetically ambitious and honest. It’s the birthplace for a new generation of leaders who learn how to rise up by being themselves - and by lifting up others with them.

  • is not for you if you want to build a research career inside academia. While the Academy covers many principles that'll help you, we don't cover areas like publishing research papers.

7. How do I secure my place?

The easiest way to secure your place is by clicking the button below and paying through a simple and secure one-off payment by credit for debit card on our website. If you want to pay over 6 months, email us under so we can set that up! Importantly: We give out places on a first come, first served basis. So, book your place today to make sure you get in. 

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