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Confidence to answer tough interview questions - with CEO Valerie Mocker

This episode of The Wingwomen Show is a must-watch if you want to understand what interviewers REALLY mean and want to hear when they ask you:

  • So, tell us about yourself!

  • Have you ever failed with something? (Is that a trick question?)

  • Tells us about a conflict you had with a colleague or boss!

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? (Ugh, how should I know what happens! Right?)

#WingwomenRealtalk behind the closed doors

Our founder Valerie Mocker will take you behind the closed doors today and show you how interviewers think and select. Especially when they look for leaders.

Valerie has hired people from junior positions to CEOs. Even for the top jobs - where we want you to get to! - job applicants often give pretty bad answers and make very common mistakes.

We don't want you to make those mistakes!

We want you to ace your interviews in the future!

So that you can rise up into the positions where you call the shots and use that power to make a difference.

Don't leave without a word!

Any more questions? Feedback? A little positive energy you want to send our way? Be a Wingwo(man) to us and leave us a few words below!


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