Valerie's Realtalk with tech legend Dame Stephanie Shirley CH: how you succeed by being yourself

This episode of The Wingwomen Show is a must-watch for you if you ever wonder about, or struggle with:

  • Am I right enough for this job, for my ambitions, for my dreams?

  • Can I succeed by being myself, in a workplace and world where others patronise me or try to push me down?

  • Do I need to pretend to be different - harder, harsher, colder - to succeed?

  • Am I too young, or too female, or just too different for the rooms and positions of power?

  • How do I succeed if others tell me it cannot be done?


You are not alone. So many of us struggle with these questions. That's why I called my Wingwoman Dame Stephanie Shirley for you. She called herself 'Steve' to get her foot through sexist doors. She built one of the UK's first billion dollar software companies, ran this company mostly with women working from home and has shown that you can be massively successful as a kind leader.