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Confidence to be ambitious - with Manager Isa Sonnenfeld

How can you rise inside big organisations? Is ambition good? Or bad? This episode of The Wingwomen Show with our Wingwoman Isa Sonnenfeld is a must-watch if you wonder about things like:

  • How can I show my ambition at work?

  • What can I do when toxic colleagues treat me differently or push me down because of my age, gender or past?

  • How can I rise up and make a difference inside big organisations?

  • Which 3 types of courage do I need?

  • Where do I find the champions, sponsors and Wingwomen/Wingmen who'll support me?

We show you that just being the Busy Bee who works super super hard isn't enough. We need to take smart actions. So, we packed this Realtalk with loads of inspiration, courage and some practical tips to help you with all that!

Grab your favourite drink and join me for this #PowerHour with Isa Sonnenfeld. She takes us behind the closed doors of Google and shares how she convinced Twitter to expand across Europe when she was just 26 and at the start of her career. To find our more about Isa, including her great work as the co-founder and co-host of the podcast Role Models, have a listen to some of her episodes in German here and in English here.

Hungry for more? How you get the tips, courage and secrets to building yourself a career you'll love:

We get up every day to help more of you rise up and become kick-ass and kind leaders! To learn what it really takes, join our email list - one of our community members describes our monthly exclusive tips as "rays of sunshine in my inbox". And if you want to really make yourself unstoppable and get to the next level, join our 6-week Rise Academy. After going through this programme, our alumni finally get the self-confidence, payrises, promotions, new jobs, opportunities and the impact they wanted for years.

Don't be the Busy Bee who's waiting for change. Take your life into your own hands today!

Sending you loads of courage and Wingwomen energy, Valerie

CEO, Wingwomen


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