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How to juggle career and family: top tips for parents + family-friendly companies with Øyvind Skorge

This episode is for ambitious parents, future parents and leaders who want to build truly family-friendly companies. You and I will speak to Øyvind Skorge, who researches what it takes to get more women and young parents to the top. We talk about his top tips to combine and juggle career and family. What leaders need to do differently to create truly family-friendly companies and work cultures. And 6 important questions I asked him:

  • How do you do it and are you struggling with combining career and family?

  • What's a lie about rising as parents that we should stop telling?

  • Why do we still have few women and young parents at the top?

  • What's your top tip for leaders and managers who want to create family-friendly companies?

  • Do you ever experience daddy guilt and how is it different for men and women?

  • What courage should every leader have?

Intrigued? Grab your favourite drink and let's have some quality Wingwomen - and Wingmen - time together!

More about our Wingman Øyvind Skorge and #HowHeDoesIt

Øyvind and his partner Jenny, who works as an environmental and supreme court lawyer, are not just rising up but also raising two girls together. Alongside being a dad, Øyvind is Associate Professor of Political Science at Bjørknes University College in Oslo, Norway, and a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Social Research.

I met him when we were studying together at the University of Oxford, after which he went on to work at the London School of Economics and Harvard University. Øyvind has published in top journals on gender inequality and the labor market. To find out more about his research visit his website.

Now - over to you!

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Sending you loads of courage and Wingwomen energy, Valerie


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